Blev högst 78 år.

Far:Målaregesäll OLOF Hoffer (1839 - 1887)
Mor:SISSA Svensdotter (1841 - 1892)

Född:04-08-1868 Reslöv, (M) 1)
Bosatt:1890 Helsingborg, (M), Minerva 10 2)
Död:före 1947 3)finns inte på CDn


ID: I15
Name: Omar ( Or Omar Ole) Or Omer HOFFER
Sex: M
Birth: 4 AUG 1868 in Reslov,Malmohus,Sweden
Death: 16 NOV 1918 in Virginia,Minnesota,St. Louis County
Burial: 18 NOV 1918 Greenwood,Virginia
BIOGRAPHY: Omar and his family came from Stockholm, Sweden when he was 16 years old. They landed in New York and came to Minneapolis, MN.

BIOGRAPHY: Found a Marriage record showing Omer Ole Hoffer (spelling is exactly as noted on record) married Anna Olsen.

BIOGRAPHY: No dates or places given. On Death certificate his name was Omar Hoffer Certificate # 17658 Registration Book 198, St Louis, County, Minnesota. It has his occupation listed as a Blacksmith. His father's name is listed as John Hoffer. From the looks of the Death Certificate his father was born in Sweden. He actually died in Cook, Minnesota. The doctor who filled out the Certificate says he attended him from November 14, 1918 to November 16, 1918 and last saw him alive on November 16, 1918. and he died at 3 AM. He died of influenza which he had for 5 months and he also had pneumonia. Some of the death certificate is hard to make out, but I think it says he lived 50 years 3 months and 12 days. Maiden name of mother unknown, but they do not have his mother's name listed.

BIOGRAPHY: Okay if Omar's father was Jon, who is Oscar that came from Sweden and was Omar's father? Could Oscar be a brother of Oscar's or a brother of Jon's, or was it Jon who owned the Flour Mills in Sweden and came to America with his family?

BIOGRAPHY: The stories concerning the Hoffer Children of Omar and Anna were told to me by my mother Lola Austin and my Aunt Beryl Austin

BIOGRAPHY: Omer was the son of Omar and Anna,

BIOGRAPHY: Omar and Anna lived in Virginia, Cihsolm and Hopper all in St. Louis, County, Minnesota from 1890 to 1920. Around 1910 they probably lived in Hopper. (Information from Lola and Beryl Austin.

BIOGRAPHY: Note from JoAnn Semon Hackett on picture or OmEr she sent me:
I have more pictures of Esther when I run across them I'll send them on to you. Notice on that picture of Omer (note spelling) that's the way it was spelled on the back of the picture. He is Omar and Anna's son. The picture was taken in 1919.
If you have any questions on the other pictures let me know.

History: My Dad found the Deed to Grandma and Grandpa Hoffer (Anna Olson Hoffer and Omar Hoffer) land the Deed Record No 348 says in the REgister of the land office of Duluth, MN. His name was spelled Omar Hoffer (not Omer). However, I also found a Death record for Omer Ole Hoffer who died November 16,1918, in Virginai, MN and this is about the date everyone agrees that he died. I also found where Omer Ole Hoffer married Anna Olsen, but they gave no dates. I found a record of Bennie Hoffer born on January 22, 1894 to Omer Olde Hoffer and Anna Olsen in Minneapolis, MN. It also listed an Omer Ole Hoffer born to John Hoffer and Bennie in Stockholm on August 4,1868.

History: The question is was Oscar Omar's dad, or Jons Olasson Hoffer who was married to Bengta. Jons would relate to the entry of the name John, since people always mispelled names. And Bengta would have had the nickname of Bennie or could have had her name spelled as Bennie because someone could not spell Bengta, and they could of named their daughter Bennie, as we know Bennie was one of Grandma Esther Hoffer Austin's Sisters.

BIRTH: From Gene Pool Records I found the Birth of Bennie Hoffer in Minneapolis, MN her Father was John Hoffer born 8-4-1868 and Mother was Bennie.

BIRTH: They state that the City that either Omer or Bennie as being from is Stockholm.

BIRTH: From the family history from the Hoffer side they statethat Omar was born on the 4th of August 1866, his death certificate says 1868.

DEATH: Certificate of Dean # 17656 Registration Book 198 St. Louis, County, Minnesota. City of Viriginia

DEATH: States Omar died November 16,1988 that the doctor had attened him from November 14, 1918 to November 16, 1918 when he died. at 3AM. Cause of Death was influenza secondary contributory was pneumonia. He died in Cook, Minnesota. Burial: Greenwood Virginia on November 18,1918. States his date of birth as 8-4-1868, his vocation was Blacksmith, he was from Sweden. His father was John Hoffer, mother's maiden name unknown, but she was from Sweden.
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Father: Jon Olasson HOFFER b: 26 DEC 1833 in Norrividinge,Malmohus,Sweden
Mother: Bengta LARSDOTTER b: 12 DEC 1835 in Norrividinge,Malmohus,Sweden

Marriage 1 Anna Hansdotter OLSON b: 20 AUG 1869 in Mulner,Sweden Or Malmer?
Married: 7 APR 1893 in Minneapolis,MN,Hennipen County
Note: From I have Omer Ole Hoffer marriage to Anna Olsen no other information provided.
Esther Pauline HOFFER b: 14 FEB 1901
Willliam HOFFER
Bennie HOFFER b: 22 JAN 1894 in Minneapolis,MN
Lillian HOFFER
Josephine HOFFER


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